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Our Story

Launched in 2009 by ex-Googlers Ryan Kitching and Lina Fagefors and based in Cape Town, The Rebellion has grown into a progressive digital marketing agency.

Our story started when we came to see how brands are still stuck in outdated marketing methods; getting screwed over by traditional marketing agencies. This triggered our rebellion. We saw how the world changed and experienced the potential of this first-hand. We wanted not only challenge the status quo, but to build something that will give companies the inside track in this fast-developing world of online marketing. We knew that if we got the right team together and partnered with the right people, we would be able to succeed. Seven years down the line, we are doing just that.

Focusing on building lasting relationships, there are no gimmicks or short-term solutions. Our expertise, resources and deep commitment to our craft makes us the ideal choice to meet every digital marketing need.

The Rebellion has certified specialists who work to bring your Businesses strategy to life – Our small team works seamlessly together to help you understand your customers through data and connect with them through creative ideas and strategies. This
holistic approach helps you get the most marketing and exposure for your buck. We pride ourselves on our innovative and transparent approach, and our core vision is to become South Africa’s most progressive agency.

Our Core Team

Our team is our strength. Carefully selected experts with a deep understanding of online marketing platforms partner with our clients to help their businesses succeed.

Honesty, teamwork, passion, responsibility and proactivity are at the core of everything we do. These are the Rebels who will help transform your business.

Darryn Howes Account Manager

Erika Trtkova Portfolio Manager

Sherri Brooks Account Manager

Charnie Hodson Social Media Strategist

Cameron Ferreira

Carla Gray Financial Administrator

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