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Ticmate - Traffic

Ticmate has been one of The Rebellion's core clients since the start in 2009. The company sells tickets to holiday attractions, sports games, musicals and cabarets, and they have offices across the world. In 2009 Ticmate had a few sites in different languages and all marketing was handled internally with help from the Google team in Dublin. It was identified that search marketing is complex and they needed a specialist to handle it in order to grow and maximise return on investment.

When The Rebellion was appointed to manage the AdWords accounts, Ticmate wanted to expand aggressively into new markets. The Rebellion defined a structure on how to do this at scale and set up AdWords, Bing, Yahoo! and Analytics accounts in a clear, structured way that would be scalable to hundreds of sites and products.

Ticmate launched new sites every month and The Rebellion set up new campaigns as new sites came online. We continuously optimised campaigns to perform better over time. We expanded into new keyword strategies and reduced wastage of spend on products not converting in certain markets.

The Rebellion worked together with Ticmate to decide on what products to launch and in which markets. We studied travel trends, search data, competition and online readiness. Through this work, The Rebellion has developed expertise in how to identify potential new markets to enter.

When competition increased, with new players entering the market, The Rebellion would be the first one to see what was happening on Google Search, Facebook and other channels. By working closely with the Ticmate team, different offers, promotions and product ranges were launched in order to tackle the ongoing competition.

Focus was also placed on improving conversion rates by looking at all the steps in the purchase funnel and improving these to make it easier for the client to buy. The Rebellion also improved the landing pages where traffic was sent.

Ticmate was very keen to try new things. Everything from sitelinks and remarketing to dynamic search advertising and search companion ads was tried.

Sales from search marketing increased by 340% in six years. Today, The Rebellion manages the advertising for more than 400 sites in 42 markets in over 20 languages. We work very closely with the Ticmate team and see ourselves as an integral part of the business. We have been part of the incredible journey of Ticmate, and we helped the company receive multiple awards for fastest growing company and the entrepreneur of the year.

Our Effectiveness
Adwords Sales Over 6 Years
Click Through Rate Over 6 Years
No. Managed Sites 20 to 400 Sites over 6 years
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