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This is what we do

We specialise in multi-channel digital advertising. Our integrated approach is an adaptation of the See-Think-Do-Care model, and we call it the Rebel Framework.

We focus on core aspects of digital marketing that will grow your online business. Using a tried and tested methodology, we deliver results across search, display and social platforms.

Multi-channel Advertising
Run goal-driven advertising campaigns across multiple online platforms, such as Google and Facebook. Our process includes doing keyword research, optimising bid strategies, building search and display strategies, and executing brilliant creative concepts.

Brand Strategy
Define your online brand strategy to identify and connect with the right people, communicate a well-crafted message and deliver consistently on KPIs.

Measure your campaigns and traffic for actionable insights and accountable marketing actions. We provide you with custom reporting, website analytics, and clear measurement of return on ad spend. It’s an online business dashboard that empowers you to grow your business.

Conceptualise and design creative elements that rock the boat and sell your stuff. We do landing page optimisation, build complete websites and mobile apps, and tailor custom solutions.

New Markets
Launch into new markets across the world with our rigorous market research, translation and localisation services, and dedicated support to scale your business.

This is our Rebellion

The old order has crumbled. Gone are the days of broadcasting your message as a monologue to an unknown audience and seeing your marketing budgets disappear in a flash of lights.

You are able to connect with specific people in their most intimate life moments. Your stage is in the palm of someone’s hand; your front of house is someone’s living room; your store is right there on their desktops.

You can share your message across cultures and continents, reaching the right people at the right time. We know this to be true because we can measure it. Every click. Every like. Every email opened.

It’s an honest and transparent approach to marketing. In real time, we can change our strategy and see how the numbers change. We can listen and respond with creativity and understanding.

This is what our clients say

“The Rebellion has been instrumental in helping us achieve our PPC goals. They are accommodating to our unique requirements and have always exceeded the targets given to them. Their management style and insight have gained us much more online traffic at lower costs. We have been extremely happy to work with them thus far.”

MDS - Kevin Harris – Managing Director

“The Rebellion has delivered high-quality and cost-efficient PPC management, enabling us to start so many new campaigns/accounts for our new sites and in all the different languages we sell to. They’ve been a significant part of the growth and profitability Ticmate has experienced.”

Ticmate - Marcus Moeschlin – CEO

“I warmly recommend The Rebellion to any business looking for sharp design, creative ideas and a professional approach to digital marketing.”

AdMarula - Lico Gross – Head of Marketing

“The Rebellion has been instrumental in increasing the size and scope of our online presence across multiple online channels.”

Justplay - Gidon Alter – Head of Play

“I believed the Google Adwords offering had enough built-in products to allow me to avoid having to pay management fees to a company for my AdWords marketing, and boy was I wrong! When I moved my AdWords marketing over to the team at The Rebellion I saw a 496% increase in AdWords revenue within the first six months. The Rebellion certainly know what they are doing and keep me informed every step of the way.”

Futurelight - Taswell Maneveld – CEO

“Their knowledge of the South African market was apparent, and they incorporated that knowledge into the keyword lists. I'm very impressed by The Rebellion's work and would absolutely use them again!”

Google - Elizma Nolte

This is who we are

The Rebellion is a team of advertising specialists led by ex-Googlers Lina Fagefors and Ryan Kitching. With more than 10 years of industry experience and a deep understanding of online marketing, we partner with clients to help their online businesses succeed.

Our team of specialists is carefully chosen with our clients’ best interests in mind. We believe in a transparent and holistic approach to performance marketing. We are passionate about the work we do and we care about the businesses we serve.

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